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Darkness & Light (War of the Fae, #3)

Darkness & Light (War of the Fae, #3) - Elle Casey Another great instalment from Elle, I really enjoyed the action, I can totally see these being made into a film but then that's because Elle writes so visually. I must say though it didn't get the 5 stars from me it probably deserves because of the repetitiveness from book 1 and book 2. I even read another trilogy between book 1 and book 2 and still got a little frustrated at being told over and over why so and so was there because such and such had previously happened. I think maybe this series could have gotten away with three books instead of the four I do prefer a longer book, 400 to 500 pages is fine by me, I really like to sink my teeth into a great book and Elle's books grip you and keep you reading so maybe they could have been produced as a trilogy instead of four book. Saying that though I am about to start book 4 and don't know if that's going to be the end of story for Jayne or whether indeed there may be more. Maybe it's because they are shortish books that I find the repetitive hard to take......... but one thing is for definite I love Elle's writing and I love how her characters come to life and glue you to the pages from the 1st to the very last. Please Elle just make your books about another 100 pages or so longer so we readers that love your prose can curl up with one of you books a day longer or so.