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Vex (Celestra, #5)

Vex (Celestra, #5) - Addison Moore I have to say the Chloe and the blackmail thing was really pi**ing me off. I just wanted to go smack the smile of her face on numerous occasions. I was getting frustrated with Gage too for so easily going along with it all but then Marshall, yes naughty little Marshall kept me sane all the way through. I love his retribution, I love his wicked talk, I love his danger. Chloe oh Chloe, you are one nasty piece of work, I keep on reading just waiting for your demise but then I see glimpses of the uncertain girl within and have just a smidgeon of pity for you and your inevitable down-full. I loved the way some of the visions had come true but in a completely different way to what they were expecting, they were revelations, along with yet another shock ending, now I just have to plough straight into book 6 just to find out what happens next...........