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Collision Course

Collision Course - S.C. Stephens I so wanted to love this book but I found myself skim reading a lot, the prose was too long winded and drawn out a lot of the time. This could have been written so much quicker and yet still be as emotionally charged. I found myself getting so irked when Sawyer asked for the umpteenth time each day 'Are you OK' sometimes it was definitely needed other times it was just simply too much. Yes this is an emotional book but getting in the way of me really enjoying it was the nagging in my head, oh here we go another bulk of repetitive reasoning in Luc's head and another dream sequence. If you like books bordering on tedious repartition and going over emotional states again and again, then you will love this book. For me there was too little day to day action and far too much self pity and I am not an insensitive person who would balk at the state of the mind under difficult circumstances. Hoping this would be along the lines of Thoughtless and Effortless I was sorely disappointed, sadly it does't compare at all.