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Consequences (Consequences, #1)

Consequences (Consequences, #1) - Aleatha Romig I have just spent the past day and a half ignoring my family as I devoured this book. Oh my freakin God what a pyschological, emotional, rollercoaster this book is! One minute you love Tony, the next minute you can't stand him. One minute your enjoying the niceties and the next minute you are hazy from near tears as you read the CONSEQUENCES from the glitches. The tenseness of the tests and whether Claire will pass or not and the jumpy feelings when Claire tries to ascertain which Tony will be visiting her and feeling her relief when it's a good day is so emotional. The plot is just brilliant and it all falls into place as the story builds to the ending and I personally think it's a great ending. I can't wait for the next book to see where Claire takes it from here. The mixed emotions I feel towards Tony amazes me too, I have one part of me that wants to understand him and like him bad bits and all and the other part of me that absolutely loathes him and his vendetta and I want him to pay for his actions. Do not hesitate to read this book if you like more from a story than girl meets boy, this book is absolutely riveting, it oozes sexual tension, the plot strikes from the start and just builds and eats away at you as you simply can't put it down to see what is going to happen next. Just don't start this book late at night, it's unputdownable.