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Screaming in the Silence

Screaming in the Silence - Lydia Kelly This is an emotionally conflicting book, you know the circumstances aren't right and yet you feel yourself drawn just like Raleigh to Kaden. Without any spoilers I think the end result was totally fitting and arghhhh what a way to end. Is there going to be a book 2? Is that why it was left that way? It has all the makings of being able to carry on for a sequel and I kinda hope it does.

I felt very drawn to Raleigh, was that out of pity for her circumstances? In truth I am not sure, I cringed at some of the things said about her and felt very protective to hear such nasty words and it kinda actually made me like Kaden even more and yes I was surprised to find myself liking him. I really enjoyed this book, there is some annoying typo's but beyond that if you like this kind of subject it is a tense and absorbing read.