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Devoured (Devoured, #1)

Devoured (Devoured, #1) - Emily Snow Yes this is a good story and I did like it but I actually found it hard to connect with the characters, this may have had something to do with how it was written the wording didn't feel that it flowed off the pages comfortably. That said it was still a good read and I did enjoy it.

Like some others I wasn't sure what to make of Lucas and although he came good I still don't know what to feel about him, I will read book 2 as I was quite surprised at the end to see there was going to be another book. I want to see how Lucas handles himself and I kinda in some instances just don't understand Sienna's character. Apparantly her first boyfriend was dominant and she didn't handle it well, she also had a difficult upbringing and then she allows herself to be a submissive to Lucas? I just don't get the character at all I suppose? But then she is striving for independance for herself............ She seems totally unsettled and I am not sure if that is because the author was unsettled on which way Sienna's character should go or indeed it's how she meant to come across.