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Afterlife (Afterlife Saga book 1)

Afterlife (Afterlife Saga book 1) - Stephanie Hudson Wow, just where the heck do you start for this book. It's one of those books, it slow burns into your head and leaves you reeling and your senses alive. It's so evocatively visual and captivatingly written I am so glad I read this book.

Draven is just one cool alpha male, his strength and charisma just drip feed off the pages and Keira is a great heroine, feisty but also damaged, she leaves you quite emotional in places. These two are a great pairing.

All the characters in this book have a purpose, there is no inconsequential waffle, everything means something as do the actions of the characters as you steam you way through this riveting read building to a great ending well that isn't an ending, it leads you straight into book 2 and me I cant wait to lose myself for another day or so devouring the next book (yes I know I won't be able to put it down).