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Fifty Shades Freed  - E.L. James I sadly can't give the third book in the trilogy a 5 star rating. I did really love reading the final book but I didn't find it 'amazing' as the award suggests for 5 stars. Why didn't I find it as amazing as the first two - my only conclusion can be it literally slowed down, yes there was an air of menace about who was out to get them and it did have a cleverish ramification as to why the person wants to get revenge (trying not to give anything away here). But it seemed slow in between events.

I just love E.L. James way of writing, I love the 'thinking' element when her characters say something she writes what they were actually thinking, I also loved it at the end reading the interview scene from Christians point of view - that made me smile a lot to hear what he was thinking when Ana fell into his office and proceeded get under his skin. A great way to end the end of the trilogy. Thank you E.L. James for such a brilliant love story.