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Bound Together - Marie Coulson Ack where to start?

OK I wanted so much to like Layla but I found her to be dishonest, cruel, very selfish and just a little too self absorbed althoughed at some points she was portrayed as always thinking of others. This seemed too faceted and I got frustrated by this. I'm sorry but I don't find stringing someone along a nice trait at all especially when they think the suns shines out of their arse. Tormented or not it is not a side I like reflected by anybody, that makes people no more than deceitful.

I absolutely loved Ollie but I wanted to kick him so bad sometimes and tell him to get with the program and see the wood for the trees but nope it wasn't going to happen!

I kinda liked Jayden although I found him to be irritatingly overbearing and forceful.

Sometimes though the characters seem to have a battle with themselves as to how they were being presented, it was as though the author hadn't quite decided and that was just confusing.

There is also A LOT of typos and if this book has been edited then I would fire the editor!

All the above said though the book did evoke feelings out of me whether they were good or bad it showed the author has potential but this book could have been a couple of hundred pages shorter and still had the same story but it would have been punchier and less drawn out and maybe more connected? I felt the story lagged quite a few times and some of the text un-necessary.

I really wanted to like this book more, but the main character is not my cup of tea and not a person who I would associate myself with in real life and hence the connection just wasn't there for me in the story.