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Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren My review is for the Feb 2013 edition that has been released. I have read the previous version so have a comparison on how it was extensively rewritten.

Firstly yes I get it was fan fiction before but it now reads much better with random names not linked to Twilight. I found the more condensed version really great although strangely I did miss some bits that have dropped from the original version but then also loved the little new bits that have been added. So if your sceptical about reading this new version don't be, it's packs all the zing of the old and then some!

I thought the chemistry between them was like a force zillion hurricane. Too hard to deny yet too hard to follow through with. I loved the different point of views but I mostly enjoyed Bennetts more. I loved being in his bossy head as he fought himself for feeling the things that he did towards Chloe.

Can't wait for the next book, I am a Bennett fan big time :0)