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Down London Road - Samantha Young I'll be the first one to admit I picked this book up with some trepidation, wondering if it could be anywhere near as good as On Dublin Street or was Dublin Street at the top of Samantha's game. Well I was so extremely pleased to find out my scepticism was needless, this book delivered it all again and I found myself having the need to read it in one sitting and I did, I am very bleary eyed this morning.

1.45am I finished this book, having started it around 5pm, I got lost in Jo's and Cam's story and then I went on to dream about it. Extremely well presented again, as there is actually nothing in the book that hasn't been written in other books as in scenarios, you'd think you might lose interest, but oh no it's written so incredibly well you, brought to life so colourfully you are absolutely hooked right to the last page.

Joss and Brayden (On Dublin Street) were nicely melded into this book too, so we got more of their story as Jo's and Cam's unfolded which was great continuity. The new characters we met like Jo's mother and father gave you the 'oh boy, omg and white knuckles' giving the tense drama, you'll be shedding a tear or two over Jo and her life. Cam is an absolute dish and I can't see anyone not adding him to their book boyfriend list, sigh, even when he's being an arse you can feel Jo's pull to him regardless of his harsh words, your getting pulled into him too.

Definitely a keeper and a book that I can see will be re-read many times in my future, so worthy of 5 stars and so worthy of your time to read it.