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Daunting Turns - Reese Madison .

Going to have to say 2.5 stars for this one.

OK so if you can get past the truly unbelievable bits in this book you will probably enjoy this biker read. How she ends up with him, totally unbelievable, why he is like he is - totally unbelievable, super intelligence software creators - totally unbelievable, she just so happens to be a crack pot shot with a gun and knife and comfortable gutting animals but went through law school to be a lawyer - hmmmm unbelievable.

He is a total dominant and really bullies her at the start and parts of that really left me squirming, it didn't feel like nice domination it felt more brutal, so I had difficulting connecting to him for that especially as he was suppose to be well over 7ft tall and built like the proverbial brick s*** house.

I suppose I found this a bit of a train wreck read, I got past all the unbelievable and just found myself wanting to read the rest. Did I enjoy it? For the shock factor probably yes, this isn't for the faint hearted for the weird bits no I didn't enjoy it. So this is very much like book 1 for me, definitely conflicted over my feelings for it. Major overload of really bad typos and even past and present tenses change, this author seriously needs beta readers or proof readers before she publishes any more it won't do her reputation any good if she doesn't. To get stupid words wrong like 'back' was spelt 'bak' a few times, and many more really stupid errors throughout it isn't really acceptable with capable technology nowadays to try to sell something that would have been flagged up numerous times in a word document as mispellings and grammatical errors to be corrected then why the heck weren't they?