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Para ♦ Suspense ♦ Dystopian ♦ New Adult ♦ Contemporary ♦ Erotica ♦ What's the connection?....... Romance of course!
Branded - Abi Ketner, Missy Kalicicki This book is literally INCREDIBLE, it isn't going to sit well with the faint hearted at all but for those that can handle appalling and atrocious events Lexi's story is INCREDIBLE!

The world building is fantastic, the character creations totally believable, the awesome plotting and the riveting way the scenes are brought to life before your eyes. The cruelty and injustice of the Hole is embedded in your head immediately. This is so stunningly penned; you live, breath and feel it with Lexi, Cole, Sutton, Zeus, Bruno and all of them you encounter. You are totally immersed and engulfed by it.

Add into this mix the romance element and voila its the PERFECT and I really do mean PERFECT book for a major hit of escapism that is full of trauma, violence, depravity, a soul destroying prison, the filthy conditions, sounds bad doesn't it but then it is also choc full of hope, friendship, fighting for what is right, love, justice and loyalty which just happens to come by way of a dog called Zeus. Zeus deserves a huge shout out for one of the best loveable book dogs out there!

This is like The Hunger Games on steriods. Think adult version and instead of the Arena your living in the Hole. Instead of being pitted against each other your pitted against the Commander and his troups and lets not forget the sinners, your fair game to them all. It's bloody awesome!

It absolutely is, darkness, death, violence and pain but it's also the fight for humanity and pitting yourself against what is wrong and help to put it right and digging deep and finding the strength you can overcome anything short of death.