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Sebastian - Retribution - Janey Rosen So this book brings to a close the story of Sebastian and Elizabeth and what a close it is. I love books that I can interact with and even though I have loved, loved, loved, books 1 and 2 it was within this book that I interacted more. I wanted to scream (well I actually did) at the pages Beth, yes your right! Go with your gut feeling! Jesus why can't they see what's going on! I was agitated, fired up and wanting to leap into the pages and do some damage! Not that I'm agressive - honest!

Oh boy I have loved these books, I have laughed, been shocked, frustrated and bawled my eyes out! I have to say Janey pens emotional scenes extraordinarly well, the scenes in this book between her and her son are oh so bloody vivid, heart wrenching and downright beautiful.

If all Janey's books are like this trilogy then I think she'll be reaping the rewards of a huge fan base very quickly and I can't wait for more books to be released.

If Janey ever wants more Beta readers I hope she can see me waving and shouting PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME!!!

Excellent end to an excellent trilogy and worth every single penny!