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Dear Rockstar - Emme Rollins This book is full of great characters, your pulled straight away into the Academy life and youngsters and the group of kids having to go back to finish their schooling for various reasons. A lot of the 'reveals' in the plot are kind off predictable and I had worked them all out early on, but that didn't detract at all to the story.

I enjoyed the fact that the story didn't revolve around so much what had happened to Sara and why she was at the Academy, it was ever present but not at the forefront at all until we become privvy to it later on. I liked Sara's character and how she quietly carried on with life asking for no sympathy but dealing with what her life was like.

Dale was great, not a bad boy personna but had this magnetism that drew you to him anyway.

So all in all this is a great take on a rockstar read and the title becomes really significant at the end of the book. Really glad I read this and will watch out for more from this author in the future.