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The Devil's Kiss Trilogy - Gemma James .
Flippin heck! Dark and delicious - not for the faint hearted or romance and flowers reader.

This is going to be the first ever series that I want to DEMAND a fourth book! I absolutely hate where this book got left! I wanted to know if Gage wanted her back but could lose his demons and sadism, I wanted to see her stand and be strong and demand a 'happy' life and not fall into his mesmerising aura and let him carry on how he had been.

I love these dark erotic books, by Christ do they get your emotions and heart pumping. The whole story was extremely well put together, I've only given it four stars because of my first paragraph, I think this needs a fourth book called - Salvation!! For both their sakes.

When reading books as dark as this you cannot be subjective in my opinion, as lets face it's ingrained in us to want the best, not want anyone hurt, the baddies to get their just desserts and an all embracing HEA. This type of book you often don't get any of those factors, you get shamed, humiliated, hurt and cannot help but become one with the heroine as your mind struggles deeply with what is happening to her. This is probably why I feel I need that fourth book, I need them to have salvation....... it's part of my DNA :0)

So anyway because of the ending I knocked a star off, but this is darkness delivered at the top of it's game, it's edgy, painful and totally frickin riveting.