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The Billionaire Bum

The Billionaire Bum - Samantha Blair I so wanted to give this more stars but I couldn't justify more than a three star. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun read but I got a little bit annoyed though that eveyone had a turn at their point of view, and I mean everyone - well actually I can't recall Alissa's dad having a spot but he is totally in the minority. I get why in some respects everyone had a POV but I thought it too much as some points of the story were gone over twice as we read each POV. I didn't feel the need to get into every character's head.

I also pondered the fact had they use protection when they finally 'hit the sack' together? Was it left to our imagination? Not sure on that particular point but I felt the lack of protective sex instantly and as it had been consented or discussed I found that a little odd of the author to not have it mentioned.

That said though, I did enjoy the premise, just wish it had been executed a little differently and then it would have a been a whole different ball game reader captivation wise.