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Beneath This Man (This Man, #2)

Beneath This Man (This Man, #2) - Jodi Ellen Malpas Ten stars out of five! Yep for me it's that good!

I've been holding off as long as I can to read this book only because the thrill of the expectation of knowing I'd be in for a phenonemal ride I didn't want it over too quick and I had to have a clear couple of days with no disturbances! So anyway I settled down two days ago and re-read This Man (God I love that book) and then yesterday evening immersed myself in this 2nd book. Sigh I have been in heaven for the past day! Well two days counting both of them!

I am now in that horrible (because it ended) yet amazing place in my head as yep I've just read an amazing book and now I am totally stuck with Jesse and Ava in my head as I am so immersed in their story.


This book is again complete with bitches and twat's and a fab colourful cast of absorbing people. And then there is Jesse a totally dominating alpha male who just can't get a grip on his possessiveness of Ava and Ava who is doing her best to not let possessive Jesse get his way.

Quite simply this book ROCKS!!! Jesse - oh boy is that man over the top domineering but he's not just that, he's a man in love, deeply, utterly, spellbindingly in love for the first time and he doesn't know how to deal with it other than his completely overbearing personality. Ava I think mostly handles him well, although sometimes I wanted to shout at her to just tell him what she was thinking instead of feeling like she couldn't but then on the other hand I totally got why she couldn't tell him what she was thinking. And its'all good with John who plays his part brilliantly as does Kate, Sam, Tom oh heck ALL the characters in this book have a role to play and by god they play them well.

I can't wait for the final book, I am a team Jesse fan through and through. The first book enthralled me, this second book gripped me and I can't wait for the final book to fulfill my hunger for their story.

I can't not review this without saying pay attention to the music as well, it really plays it part in the atmosphere of this book. Excellent choices or should I say Jesse has excellent taste, I have every Enigma album going and I am never going to listen to them in the same light from now on! And a few other songs I have and I love will have different meanings for me too, I'll forever associate them now with either The Manor or The 'Tower'.

**Added more 26-1-13
OK I've added more to this review as I was thinking overnight, I thought I should cover the sex scenes. As you'll know or read there is a LOT of them and I see some reviewers saying that there was far too much. For this book though I disagree, these were not just sex scenes for the sake of sex, although their chemistry couldn't keep them away, they were also a way of Jesse negotiating Ava's agreement to his demands and actually when you get towards the end of the book you come to understand more as well. Who has the power? **

Without wanting Jesse to scold me with his 'watch your mouth' - These books are f**king fantastic and up there in my top 20 favourite reads of all time so far.