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Collide (Collide, #1)

Collide (Collide, #1) - Gail McHugh I REALLY wanted to go with 5 stars but I had that unmistakable finger itch that just wouldn't let me hit the fifth star, but I did. Why was I hesitant? As much I as was engrossed in this story I got a smidgeon cross it got drawn out. And yep the ruddy cliffhanger - Argghhhh that's the last two books having cliffhangers - I friggin HATE cliffhangers - but then actually I admit in defeat that no I kinda like them coz they've grabbed me and I know I am going to have to read the next book, so kudos to the authors that manage to pull them off. Just wish authors released them quicker than six months or longer apart, that is pita for sure.

So anyway this is the first book in probably a year that I've read written in the 3rd person narrative, it took me a couple of pages to settle into the 'she' instead of 'I' but I have to say that oh boy does Gail write with engaging prose. Soon I wasn't aware of the 'she' and 'he' I was just living the moments with them. Very engagingly written.

She grabs you into the characters, I couldn't work out if I hated Dillon or liked him, was he cheating behind her back, yeah we were peppered with sprinklings of ideas of infidelity but actually we had no proof. Was his late meetings actual meetings or were they rendezvous' with Monica or some other woman? I hated Dillon and his attitude though by god did I want to punch his lights out a few times!

I totally loved Gavin, can't say I warmed to his name as I know a few Gavins and they don't have smexy eyes or six pack abs lol but hey I was enjoying going along with my own make believe Gavin. I did love his sirname though.

Emily, I actually wanted to kick her up the Jacksie a few times too but then I totally got that she was actually dominated by Dillon and the emotional link to her mother, still it kept me frustrated though.

I saw the episode coming Gavin and his ex, and felt slightly disappointed it was such a cliche moment and the aftermath it would cause, but hey here's hoping it's all adding to the tension coming in book 2.

Again I would ask this author to complete this in book 2 and not string it out 3, I don't want book two to be a filler, I want it to be a killer and satisfy the audience.

***Edited this morning as I just remembered the 'like' conversation, I freakin loved that chapter and Emily's reaction to Gavin's date that day. It was like, so very well done (had to get one in). I have teenagers and this is 'like' all that comes out their mouths at the moment, like (hahahaa) always!

Also I totally loved the scene where Gavin comes across Emily at the park and the kids letting on what Gavin had told them NOT to say - so true to life and priceless :0) ***