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Forever Black (Forever Trilogy, #1)

Forever Black (Forever Trilogy, #1) - Sandi Lynn I fail to see how anyone can give this book less than 5 stars. It's simply mesmerising and so emotional you cannot put this book down.

I'll forever have Connor in my head and probably what I will most visualise with him is when they were in the park and the rain. Thats one of those moments and scenes that is foremost in my mind and just seemed so paramount.

I loved Elle, just about everything in her character was adorable, except the running, but I could totally relate to that and why she did it all the time. I loved her fiery side and I loved the way Connor was always shocked by her outbursts especially later in the book when he tried to start avoiding Elle getting her knickers in a knot over some woman openly flirting with him.

Not only was this book so emotional, it was funny, heart warming and oozing sexiness.

If I had one uber grudge it would be the ending as (in the epilogue) was too stilted, I felt that could have been written not as a short epilogue but this story had enough appeal to make the ending last more too. It certainly didn't detract enough though to warrant knocking a star off the rating.

This is definitely a five star read. Well done Sandi your debut novel is a first class knockout and I can't wait to read more from you.