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Drive Me To Distraction

Drive Me To Distraction - Caitlyn Nicholas Wasn't sure what this book was going to be like and I was pleasantly surprised by the chatty prose and believable characters.

Alex sure is a feisty girl but when you brought up on the F1 circuit amidst boys and your father wanted a boy then it is going to have an effect on you.

Rob was great, I loved his character, he had a lot on his plate and he was still an affable person and a great male without too much alpha. He had just the right mix of authority with charm and a good sense of humour.

MacCameron, ooh now he's one of those character you just love to hate and hope he gets whats coming to him. His character was written really well.

The things I had a hard time with is the locations. Like when Alex drove Rob to Chichester to St Johns hospital, was this a name change on person, I live not far from Chichester so it seemed strange to have the hospital renamed. Also I don't think the residents of Rogate will my that pleased with the way it was described, yes there are council houses in Rogate but also some very nice residences too. I thought it was slapped as a down and out area unfairly. Sometimes little wrongs like that can really put you off of a good story and although they did play on my mind I wasn't going to let it get to me.

Now this book isn't filled with sex scenes at all, they are skimmed over and left to your imagination so if you wan't that in your romance then you possibly won't enjoy this book. I like books that do have steamy scenes in but I can happily read books that don't if the story is good enough and this certainly was good enough.