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The Arrangement 3 (The Arrangement, #3)

The Arrangement 3 (The Arrangement, #3) - H.M. Ward I really can't help it and I blame you Holly Ward. Why the heck are you writing such fantastic little snippets when clearly we WANT THE WHOLE BOOK! I get why you do it, you write so well and engagingly that you've hooked the majority of us at book one and bam we have to follow through. But I would like to say this would have been a POWERHOUSE of erotic fiction and up there with the leaders at the moment if this had been one book.

Anyway if your a potential reader and reading the reviews on book three before taking the plunge, then do not hesitate and take the plunge, you will absolutely not be disappointed. The only way stars are being knocked off by reviewers is because they way this story is being released, and I get why some are cross, but I do get why authors do it this way too. It's a gamble. Personally I think this really would have been a knockout one book read, but on the other hand I am totally loving the instalments.

I think everyone will agree this story is bloody fantastic, its emotional, its shocking, its full of a great cast of characters that literally leap off the pages and immerse themselves into your head.

The story is emerging through each book, cliffhangars leave you on a knife edge, and all you want to do is fast forward your life a couple of weeks to get your mitts on the next instalment.

Can't wait ☺