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Fighting for Flight (Fighting, #1)

Fighting for Flight - J.B. Salsbury Ooh this book was good and I mean REAL GOOD. Not your atypical love story in as much as the heroine is the daughter of a pimp and a well known nasty at that one and his whore who is her mum. Her hero is a UFL fighter who has never had a relationship beyond one nighters, he's absolutely not into relationships at all, until her.........

They meet, the chemistry hits and then they find themselves in a situation with her father. Oooh what a nasty piece of work that guy is and his sidekick Vince is no better.

Now sometimes when the man/girl get together early on in a book it can take some of the edge of the resulting story but in this case it absolutely doesn't, it steams along and you can't resist the chug and pull of their story to find out what's going to happen.

Very well written with great descriptions, there's nothing flowery in this book it's delivered with punches and kick-ass situations and it just flows. There's no waffle, there's only characters that come to life and they all have a part to play and play it well they do.

Really glad I read this book and I will without a doubt be reading all of Jamie's future books.