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Comfort Food

Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas Looking at the reviews this seems to be either a love it or hate it book and then there's me, yep I am stuck in the middle. I neither hated it or loved it, I think in my case I couldn't get my head inside her head enough to understand someone who craves human contact as much as she does and the loss of that contact gives him the power to get her to submit.

What also got me was at 68% off the way through the base line on the kindle the book finished!! Knew it was a short book but I hate it when publisher stick another book on the end making you think you've got much further to read on that you really have.

So anyway yes this book is disturbing, I really didn't like the whipping to the point of blood being drawn and him enjoying that, this again fortifies in me that in no way am I ever drawn towards submissives and what they can be subjected to. Shudder it really stumps me how anyone would want to be submissive and into pain like that.