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Break Me Slowly (Shattered #1)

Break Me Slowly (Shattered #1) - Joya Ryan
More like 4.5 stars.

I REALLY REALLY enjoyed this book. I found it easy to connect with Adam and Katelyn, I loved his dominant personality and I could easily relate and feel Katelyn's demons and her issues with people touching her. They both have scars from their pasts and they are both trying to deal with them, Katelyn more successfully than Adam when Adam manages to get her talk about hers. But because Adam refuses to let her in on his past this side of him causes a small void between them. He wants to protect her but won't let her in to help relieve his burden and this saddens Katelyn.

This book is full of emotion, its easy to get pulled into and it steamed along, it has a great storyline and delivered with an easy flow.

If your looking for hot love scenes then this book definitely delivers that critera, it's smoking in places!

I loved the dominance of Adam without the evilness that can sometimes be depicted/portrayed of a lead character that need to dominate. He is an easy character to fall for.

I thought Joya brought this story to life extremely well. I will definitely read future books by her and look forward to them immensely.