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The Tied Man (The Tied Man, #1)

The Tied Man (The Tied Man, #1) - Tabitha McGowan
An astonishingly brilliant, dark read.

I think the synopsis blurb should come with a bigger warning of the content within the pages of this book but as depraved and shocking as it was it was simply UNPUTDOWNABLE.

I also think Tabitha needs to review the cover of this utterly mesmerising read as it really doesn't do justice of just how good a story is held within. It needs something far more captivating that what it is at present, it doesn't drive readers to urge them they must read this book. I myself have been looking at it since it's release and just hadn't felt the pull to take the plunge but oh boy now I AM SO GLAD I DID! Quite simply again for this genre and as dark as the content is this book ROCKS!

Contained within the pages of this book is a story of sickening depravity. Shocking scenes. Utter despair. A little hope. A lot of conniving. A complete bitch who instigates the most horrific actions and thoughts. A whole hoard of sickening visitors. A henceman whose as sick as her. A man so thoroughly caught up in his captivity he has no hope. A chef/housekeeper whose frightened of all the consquences. A artist whose been caught up in the debauchery that is Drug abuse. Sex abuse. A dungeon. The horrific depraved debauchery that Blaine revels in at Albermarle Hall.

But what makes this book tick on the level that is does? It's all down to the penmanship of the author, oh boy does Tabitha capture you with her strong adjectives, her interjected wit from the mouth of Lilith and Finn, Gabe and even Henry. But then it's also the extreme depth of her descriptive writing. This book is not written by someone whose just trying their hand at writing it's full of clever dialogue and strong descriptive words. The story literally comes to life before your eyes. You are crossing the lake, walking the rooms at Abermarle Hall, visioning Lilith painting Blaine in the studio. Heck your even under the cover with Lilith on the flight into Heathrow with Gabriel and I have to say when his seat shot back oh how I laughed!

If you can cope with the depth of 'bad things' in this book you are simply not going to be able to give it any less than five stars, it's just so bloody riveting. So be warned it contains some extremely sensitive situations, horrific situations even and one heck of a nasty bitch but also you'll feel the assuredness that is Lilith and following with her and living through her literally carries you through the rougher scenes. Even when reading with Finn's POV you feel his predicament, you can't help it but you also feel his strength within and can so understand his coping mechanisms and still feel and smile as his wit shines through as well.

This book is going to resonate with me for quite some time and I know it's a book I will revisit many times again. I am just so totally glad I've read this now and although it's only mid March this is the best book of the 75 books I've read so far this year and it's going to take a heck of a book to topple it the top spot for me. (yes I'm a big reader)