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Grounded (Up In The Air, #3)

Grounded (Up In The Air, #3) - R.K. Lilley I have to say that again in book 3 I still had issues with the BDSM element, it bordered on extreme domination without thought for the other person involved. I was so surprised when he did indeed pierce her nipples for someone who supposedly loved her as much as he did and didn't wanted her marked, I just couldn't fathom how he would want to mark her like that......... Also when she had seen Jolene with her piercings she was totally against having them done.....

When the love element pored from the pages these books were really enjoyable, I could read the soft BDSM but really had trouble with the HARD side of it in these books. The whippings, handcuffed and left in the dark, the asphyxiation in book 2 they all went over the top for me and didn't portray James in a very decent light at all. It came across that he had no thought of Bianca's true feelings and was selfish satisfying his own experiences. That said I found Bianca a bit confusing too, when she didn't like the rose whipping why the hell did she not give him hell for doing it, use her safeword or discuss the fact that he had gone too far? Those and a few other incidents I had trouble relating to.

Don't get me wrong I am glad I've read all three books and to the most part I did enjoy them, I just founds pockets of chapters dangled and then not fully explored more and the hard BDSM part just ruined them for me a bit.