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Pole Dance (Dance, #1)

Pole Dance (Dance, #1) - J.A. Hornbuckle Yep I really like this even though it was fraught with typos and misuse of words. But the underlying bones of the story was enough to capture you and keep you reading on.

Jake is a smouldering alpha male, complete with his own lingo and smooch worthy personality. He's been a complete slut most of his life and he co-owns Fuego's the Pole Dancing Club. This is where he meets Caitlin.

Caitlin is a girl whose been left parentless and trying to make ends meet and still get her degree. When she hears about the money that can be made pole dancing she goes along to interview for it and that's how she meets Jake. She certainly feels hot under the collar with his eyes on her, especially when she does her pole dance, something that she has never ever done before.

Pole Dancing is not a major part of this story, the book name derives I imagine just from the story centering around Fuego's.

Some of the descriptive text is a little OTT but I can't deny this book has smokin' hot scenes.

There is an undercurrent of suspense too, and if I am brutally honest the book does simmer in the middle but I can't help but still be enamoured by the story itself and yes it's probably a book I will read again.