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Battlescars: A Rock & Roll Romance (Battlescars, #1)

Battlescars: A Rock & Roll Romance (Battlescars, #1) - Sophie Monroe .......
So torn, but this book peaked too early in my honest opinion.

Smoking hot Rock Star - check
Smart, pretty, sassy girl with vocals to match - check
Fiery heat between the two - check
Great group of friends - check
An ickle bit of suspense - check
A smokin hot romance - check
Smart, fun and clever dialogue - check

So this book has all the above and the makings of a truly glue worthy book but then it really fell short for me because Jake and Aubrey got together so quickly and professed undying love quicker than a mosquito sinking it's teeth into you and darn it they are fast! All the above peetered out at about 45% of the way through, the dialogue was the only thing left that kept me reading on.

So I get really worried when couples get together too early, as I usually am in all books when this happens, and in this instance I was right to be worried. Yes the bit from her past came back to haunt her but that was over far too quickly for it to be riveting and then literally the book just plodded along, no more potential hiccups in the relationship, no more suspense and then the last 20% or so slowed down even more. I was honestly so close to not actually finishing this book.

The biggest redeeming quality for this book though is the dialogue, oh my god does this author have a way with conversations and great conflabs going on, some of them are just so funny. With such a witty repertoire I was so saddened that the story really didn't deliver something much more solid and less wishy washy than it was. The potential was there I just don't feel it came to fruition.

So if you like romance stories with good characters, great dialogue but not much riveting action then you will really like and maybe love this book, sadly I need more action and much deeper romances erotic or not to keep me enthralled and hooked to the end. This book just didn't do that for me.