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Caged (How Not to be Seduced by Billionaires, #3)

Caged (How Not to be Seduced by Billionaires, #3) - Marian Tee
My Review is for all three books - I read as one book which is now available.

OK so some books are ok, or maybe good but I have to say in this case this book (or combined set of books) is really great. To be honest I can't stand the title of the book(s) and it certainly didn't draw me to wanting to read it but I am SOOOO glad I did.

I loved how the author portrayed her heroine, Yanna was so completely naive yet had a strong personality. Right from when she realised she was sitting the wrong side of the table I had connnected with her. Her love of the word 'like' really gets on your nerves after a while though, but I can't stand my kids saying it, so that was always going to wind me up.

Constantijin ,omg, what can you say about him, one minute I loved him and then my heart was pounding when he did what he did the first time, I wanted to slap him so hard and shout and scream at him for being such an idiot. But hey that's good when your into the characters and you have a response to their actions isn't it.

I loved the humour within the pages some of it is 'spit your coffee' out good and brings a smile to my face even now. Then in the next breath you find yourself horrified at what is about to happen and you feel your heart breaking for Yanna and very emotional.

I will definitely read this again at some point, yes it's not up there as a gripping suspense filled A/C romance but it's definitely up there as a fullfilling A/C billionaire romance.

Got to say this is the first book I've read with a Dutch alpha male and it completely works. And how many of you I wonder that read this book will look up the word 'Schat' at the end of reading this story.

So if you fancy having a cheesy grin on your face a few times, out loud laughter at some point, tense as to what Constantijin might do, then you should really enjoy this book too.