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All That He Demands (The Billionaire's Seduction Part 3)

All That He Demands (The Billionaire's Seduction Part 3) - Olivia Thorne Yay, was much happier with this instalment of Lily and Connors story. More happened and it was as hot as ever. But the biggest bonus was the much longer length for only a smidgeon more money. Please Olivia keep book 4 at the minimum page count as book 3 or as us readers would prefer even longer and don't increase the price.

Lily and Connor's characters are written so well, these books have much more than hot sexy scenes, they are full of witty dialogue and are quite visual.

I am looking forward to the next part in their story and actually hoping deep down it get's finalised in book 4 as I honestly don't think I can wait out for their story to finish for much longer.