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Mr. Mysterious In Black (Billionaire Brothers, #1)

Mr. Mysterious In Black (Billionaire Brothers, #1) - S. Ann Cole This book is torn between 3 and 4 stars for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed Sadie and Natalio's story, it was well thought out but I found the highfalutin deliverance of words to be really rather annoying. It was as though the author did everything in her power to find the most adjective words to use.

Let's face it this book is ultimately a contemporary romance, but this books is filled with words that would be more comfortable in a thesis, acadamia, reference books, poetry, drama or religion, society, politics, heck are you getting my drift? The vernacular in this book doesn't seem to sit well with a adult content comtemporary romance.

In one sentence there is F words and cussing galore and then in another sentence it reads ' You're an overlooking, mollycoddling, peremptory ass......' This is words from a girl brought up on the poor side of town. Uhmm doesn't sit well.

I would suggest you read the freebie bit at Amazon or suchlike to see if you can handle the prose from the pen of S. Ann Cole and if your comfortable with it and want to read contemporary in that style and if you are, then you will without a doubt enjoy the book.