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Bedding The Billionaire - Kendra Little I didnt find this book quite as great as Billionaire Bad Boy but I still found it enjoyable nonetheless and it did have it's witty/fun moments. It didn't have as much humour in this book but it was there, just not so much, but there is no denying it's another hot book from Kendra. The seduction and the moon scene made me chuckle especially when she got back up to shut the blinds and the moonlight out, I just found that whole scene quite fun.

Small enough to read in a few hours (well for me anyway), I loved Abbey's character and her friend Lucy, she made me chuckle a few times too with her one liners. Nick is a fan yourself hot male whose has swapped identities with his software guru for the seminar in Melbourne, this leads both Nick and Abbey into a web of lies that then eats away at them as their attraction grows, it may even be the cause to stop them getting together, you'll have to read the book to find out.

I really like Kendra Little, her books are hot but they are also lighthearted, they really are a fun read to wile away a few hours.