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Obsession (Darkness Falls, #1)

Obsession (Darkness Falls, #1) - Ivory Quinn
Bloody Hell, where to begin with this one.............. I'm still in shock!

I don't think any kind of blurb can get you prepared in readiness for the content of this book, it's raw, evocative, mesmerising, dark, colourful, very hot, uncomfortable and just absolutely riveting. But heed the warning in the synopsis, it is dark and lots of bondage and your catapulted into a world of manipulation and the dark areas in a human mind.

Gabriel, oh my what a tortured man he is. One minute you'll love him and then you'll kinda hate him for what he exerts over Noelle, his dominance and control is forefront 95% of the time and yet he captures you and like a deer in the headlights, you can't help but be drawn in.

Noelle, she's funny, clever, naive, an all round good girl. Then she's caught up in Gabriels world, introduced to things that horrify her and yet intrigue her. She find herself questioning herself a lot.

Ones of the things I loved about this book was the conversations between them, she didn't hide her questions and her concerns and they spoke freely about them. It wasn't like a lot of books on this genre when the female never questions why she suddenly ok with being tied up and having this done to her, Noelle found herself questioning a lot and I had a lot of respect for her for that, she was submissive but not to the extent of losing her ability to think about the situations.

This is really well put together and the story unfolds and springs to life in front of your eyes. Be prepared to have wet eyes, your going to be on an emotional rollercoaster and that's what in essence is why this books ticks all the right spots, it's very emotional, heavy and deep.

And oh my god I was not expecting the ending, a total shocker!

I am really looking forward to book 2 but for those readers worrying about having a gap between books, in this instance it won't detract from the story, you won't be left feeling like your arm has been cut off, yes you will be reeling from the ending of this book but it is also tied up so your not left panting for the next book. In this case for me it's going to be OK to have a gap as this story is going to resonate with me for quite some time.