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Tolerance (Heart of Stone, #2; NSC Industries, #3)

Tolerance (Heart of Stone, #2; NSC Industries, #3) - D.H. Sidebottom So as we delve into book two of this trilogy we find again that Ava has the most rotten luck or bad karma surrounding her.

Ava's relationship with Mason is indeed toxic, they crave each other yet they destroy each other too. And it's the suspense of this that keeps you hooked into the story, wondering what the heck is going to be thrown at them next. The relationship between Rebecca and Mason too is the catalyst of Ava's misery and what pushes her into situations and the consequences thereof, I thought what she did for Mason over this was great but I couldn't stop the nagging feeling that hey Mason is a powerful man why the hell hadn't he thought of doing what Ava had done?

And I have to say if I hear Mason say 'I'm so sorry' once more, I think I will give him a punch to the jaw too! That's one of my little niggles, the repetitiveness of Mason's constant apologies, dont' you think after the first dozen he would have got with the program! Oh and if Ava keeps on turning to the vodka bottle and drink as though it's her saviour I'll chuck the bottle at her! I don't feel her need to get drunk so often is a good call from the author, it's not great to depict that to others that that is a way to deal with things. Oh and the over-eating, man I felt that was over the top too!

There's still a lot of 'erm's' in this book and yep they still annoy me too, I also sometimes struggle with the characters and how they are depicted, one minute they are strong, resilient and the next they are indecisive or making (or not as the case may be) decisions that are frustrating.

I still think of these books as in a 'raw' state and that if an editor got hold of them and made adjustments and certain bits be rewritten or even pulled this would be without a doubt an excellent trilogy, but as it stands it doesn't quite make the cut for me to call it excellent, but it is indeed entertaining and worth reading.

Anyway, as annoyed as I get with bits within this trilogy I can't help but be drawn to find out the story and see what unfolds. So onto to read book 3 and see how their story gets wrapped up.