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Resolution (Heart of Stone, #3; NSC Industries, #4)

Resolution (Heart of Stone, #3; NSC Industries, #4) - D.H. Sidebottom What the hell happened to this story? This whole book just ends up reading like a sex-fest. There is very little storyline it was literally just sex, drugs, drunkeness and vomit all the way through!

What should have been a powerful ending to their story just ended up being page after page of endless inconsequential moments and far too much sex, literally every other page! And what I find sad about that is, it totally drew me away from the story as I was getting crosser and crosser with the endless pages of sex, drunken behaviour, drugs and vomit, whereas I should have been enjoying the story, but the actual story would have finished nicely in about 200 pages which probably equates to half of this book size.

Add to that another whole pile of crap situations thrown at Ava, it really was beyond me to be able to put up with the fact that this girl has literally had EVERY possible bad happen to her than you could imagine........... it was too much. No heroine ever needs to have had this amount of trauma and sexual situations in her 22 years of living, it's just totally unthinkable. It was as though the author had to outdo each of every bad act with something that they thought was better traumatically wise and it just doesn't work on the scale that is within these three books. Half of it would have sufficed to keep the reader in tune with Ava, what kept happening to her just literally tuned me out of her and I know I've struggled with this in the past two books as I written in my reviews but heck I really found it beyond the plausible in this book.

I was extremely disappointed in this book three, yes I had issues in the previous two books but the story got me over the issues mostly, in this book it's too much and I couldn't get over the typos, grammar, and past the over indulgence of all the things I said above.