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Outlaw - Nicole James
Definitely a 4.5 star read.

If your wanting your badass biker gangs, badass lingo, cool characters, hot males, hot women, the odd bitch, the odd bastard, shady comings and goings, murder.............. getting the picture? Then look no further, you'll not be able to argue with how this book is penned, it's done extremely well, ok it's not full of shocking events and page turning hold your breath moments, but it is full of very visual scenes and a whole host of bikers good and bad, dodgy situations, nasty moments, hot scenes and scenes that make you want to slap someone and overall a really good storyline that had a great ending to it.

Really wasn't expecting this to be as good as it was, I started reading this around lunch time, thinking I'll get to my work in a while and bam, I never got to do any of the work, I literally steamed my way through this to finish it this evening, it had me hooked.

Definitely going to read a lot of Nicole James from now on if this book is anything to go by.