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Heir Untamed (Latvala Royals, #1)

Heir Untamed (Latvala Royals, #1) - Danielle Bourdon
I honestly can't give this book four or a full five stars as I am going to have to be honest, yes the storyline is good but in my honest opinion I don't think some parts are executed that well and I also found some of the conversation to be stilted. I also found the situation of how she came to be the Royal photographer slightly unbelievable, a too good to be true scenario and why would a Royal family pick her and not some sought after professional photographer that's in demand by all and sundry?

That said though, the one thing I can't deny, is that even though I didn't find it riveting by the end of the book I had been caught up in the idea of all this Royalty and what may happen next, that I will be reading the next book.

For those wondering about adult content and hot scenes, this book contains little sex and what there is, is very tame. So it shouldn't be likened to anything erotic that is out there at the moment this book is definitely on the gentile side of romance but it does contain sexy males and a female lead that although doesn't roll over and want tickling, she is gently pliable and accomodating.

So in terms of how I think this book delivers it comes across as a cutesy, slightly old fashioned style romance, very light read, a tad predictable but entertaining nonetheless and let's face it, it's free! So if you don't have too higher expectations you are not going to be disappointed but if you want more angst, sex, suspense then avoid it as it won't satisfy you.