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Captured by the Billionaire (Captured by the Billionaire #1-6)

Captured by the Billionaire (Captured by the Billionaire #1-6) - Julia Sykes I couldn't really connect with the dominant BDSM element in this book, I actually found the BDSM element in it too harsh. There is Jake swearing he never wants to hurt her then later you find him binding her to a tree and having rough sex so her back must have been killing her, he also whips her towards the end when he's seeing if she means her submission or not - I really didn't like that bit. So all in all I am on the fence with this one. Story was OK, sex was hot, BDSM is the bit I had trouble seeing as loving and love blooming from. I just didn't feel the connection there, it went from trust and respect to just full blown dominance on Jake's part. So this one wasn't my cup of tea.