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Promises, Promises

Promises, Promises - Janice Baker OK well I really can't call this utterly fantastic and the next literary erotic phenomenon but it does have a good sway on the BDSM element and seeing it presented in this way was refreshing.

There is a huge tension vein running throughout the story and little rivelets of insight as to the two years Izzy spent with HIM are sporadically enlightened to you as you make your way through the story. Which is in essence what keeps you hooked reading, what had he done to her? Was he going to show up? If not was; when was he going to show up? Was he going to demand her back? Was Z going to fight for her? Could Z get over his jealousy issues? God the questions you can ask all the way through are endless and because you WANT and NEED to know the answers, the line has been cast, it's landed and your hooked.

But what I will say is although the tension was rife, the text got a little long and drawn out in places, some of the reminiscing scenes were a tad 'filler in' for me and un-necessary, the story was good enough without the need for fillers.

You can't fault the characters though, Izzy was just great, whether it be from her conditioning or her true self, she was a good soul, extremely pretty without flaunting it, clever, passionate and understanding. Z was sex on legs, runs his own bar, girls throwing themselves at him, I didn't quite connect to the fact he was always cheated on or dumped that didn't sit too well with me. Whose gonna want to dump such a hottie or cheat on him for that matter! Let's not forget Mel and Flynn, gotta love those two, the sizzle between them and their need to hook up but neither could take the plunge was a fun side story. And let's not forget Clark - oh my god that man put whore in manwhore but ooh did he make me laugh. He's the duracell of one liners, they're never ending and are so random you can't help but love him and his sense of humour.

So to sum it up, a great tension oozing story, hotties, slightly drawn out but a good enough love story you can get over it, great characters. Well worth a read.