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The Agreement

The Agreement - S.E. Lund Well heck I really enjoyed this read, it is all about the B & D element of BDSM, there is no S & M. Definitely a 4.5 star read for me.

I've got to be truthful and say the story got a little bit drawn out in a couple of places but having said that I was absolutely glued to it. I don't know why but I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did.

What I should say to potential readers if you go in expecting this to read like 50 shades it actually won't. This one is actually on more acadamia and an intellectual level that has art, medicine as in neurosurgery and politics spattered about it. The only comparison; it's on the same subject but the matter and how it's dealt with is it's own story and therefore I feel it shouldn't be compared.

I really loved the way that Kate aka Ms Bennett just couldn't seem to slot into the role of absolute submissive, her inquisitive questions throughout their scenes was actually a breath of fresh air, I like it when the heroine doesn't suddenly become a submissive like in a lot of other books and it feels real when she has a hard time trying to be submissive as lets face it this is all completely new to her, but I also loved the fact that Drake struggled to play out a scene in full dominant mode too, he was getting caught up in Kate and not his submissive Katherine.

This is a love story between two characters, she loves to muddy the water and mix everything, wants a relationship and has never done just sex, especially one that comes with an agreement. He, after having a failed marriage, is a compartmentalist and now keeps everything seperate and no lines should cross. Can they fulfil each other needs and be happy?

All in all this was a really good story, it played out well, it had tension abound and dealt with this topic is a very readable way and it felt like a true romance that could happen to any one of us.