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Until I Break

Until I Break - M. Leighton .
Two very troubled souls come together with some twists and turns along the way and we follow along as they try to unravel their demons and help each other come to terms with past traumatic events.

I really enjoyed the dual point of views and this was done a little differently in as much as it was mostly with Sams POV but between each of Sam's chapters there was small insights and snippets of Alec's thoughts and letting us in on the fact that he was scarred from his own past too.

What I absolutely enjoyed was the circumstances in some scenes seemed totally real, like when he took her to the club and her reaction, oh that was breath of fresh air in how she reacted to it and I really appreciate Michelle's deliverance of the fact that Sam wasn't easily accomodating to Alec's world and the fact at how wrong he had been. I really enjoyed how their fears and coming to terms with their issues was written.

If I had one little gripe it would be that no where does the synopsis suggest that BDSM elements will be involved in this book, I personally would have like to have known that from the outset just in preparation of what the bones of the story could be about. But for me it didn't detract but for others not truly wanting that element it may very well lean them to not fully liking this story.

The true road to love is never easy and it's depicted in this story but for once there is no jealous, vengeance spitting exes, no bribery, no corruption and no shockers on the tracks. There is a lot of coming to terms with past events and learning to live with themselves, a lot of learning to trust, a fair bit of disappointment (because life really isn't easy) and a fair bit of hot steam along the way, keeping it scintillating and thoroughly enjoyable throughout their story.

What was also totally refreshing that this book starts and finishes with the one book, oh how nice that is not to be burdened by cliff hangers and sequels, makes a great change!