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Truth and Humility

Truth and Humility - J.A. Dennam So your taking a look at this book and wondering about it and probably saying what's wrong with it because of the ridiculously cheap price? So let me tell you now, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS BOOK WHATSOEVER! It's bloody marvelous! Have to say at this time it's not the best of covers for the book but I totally get it after reading it, so don't let that put you off either.

There is a multitude of indie books out there now and with much LARGER price tags than this book and yes some of those books are fab but a lot are ok and some just plain awful even with their annoyingly large cost. This book is incredibly well written and has to fall in the FAB catagory but because it has such a miniscule price tag it may very well scare readers away because it is so cheap. DON'T BE SCARED OFF TAKE THE PLUNGE because what a truly pleasant find this was and to be honest if I had paid ten times the price I wouldn't haved minded at all, as simply THIS story is THAT good.

The author engages you immediately with Danny, Austin, Derek, Melanie, Mac, Sue........ literally your are engaged with ALL the characters in this book, you are living and breathing the feud and scaling trees, buildings and installations with them. Danny and Derek are a bit like free-runners except they run upwards! You'll find yourself standing in Austin's office when Danny turns up for her job, heck your standing at the gates with her as she's giving herself the talk to walk through the enemy gates. Your in the blender, your in the treehouse and your swimming in the moonlight with them. But the bones of the story is the feud and by heck do you live the feud with them, you can taste their distrust, wariness and hate of each Cahill and Bennett.

Be prepared for a whole lot of anger, mistrust, ill feeling, hatred, passion, vengeance, tense, edgy, gritty, and a great plot that is bang up to date and just bloody well written. You'll find yourself laughing at some points, wiping tears at others and the need to turn the pages to get to the conclusion and I have to say even the ending was wrapped up extremely well.