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Close Up and Personal (Spotlight, #1)

Close Up and Personal (Spotlight, #1) - J.S.  Taylor .
Este libro es genial! - Yep this book is GREAT!

Got to say it's totally true, if you loved the Sinners books, Fade trilogy, 50 shades, Shades of Pearl, Bared to You, Gabriels Inferno, Knight and Play, etc etc to name but a few you will love this series from JS. Taylor.

Yes you've got the usual girl whose naive in relationships and limited experience being completely drawn into the world of a domineering, successful, fully in the spotlight, sexy alpha male, but there is enough in this book to set it apart and be an engaging read to keep us adult romance lovers satiated.

James, oh boy, he keeps you wondering, yes we see he is fond of dominance and full of verbal warnings of discipline but I can't help but wonder if he is going to treat Issy differently. I find myself trying to spot little innuendos and insights in words and actions, wondering if he's going to hurt her badly or protect her. I am hooked trying to work him out and how they are going to pan out.

Issy, I can picture her Spanish beauty and I can wholeheartedly relate to her character, the fact she isn't one to shine in the forefront, she'd rather be behind the scenes and helpful to others. She's also got a temper that I hope doesn't get tampered down by his dominance, but I'll have to wait and see how this is going to further develop, another thing which is keeping me hooked.

These characters are very well developed, their personalities stream off the pages easily and the story is definitely a grip you until you've read it book. I have to be honest I've waited to read this until I knew all three were available so I could devour them and that's exactly what I am going to do.