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The Berkeley Method (Spotlight, #2)

The Berkeley Method (Spotlight, #2) - J.S.  Taylor Yep I can't deny this series is still great but after reading this book 2 I actually do have a couple of little niggles.

So my first niggle is this; (smallish spoiler here so don't read on this paragraph if you don't want to know something) it's the whipping scene, it's probably because it is just not my erotic flavour at all. But I absolutely cannot get my head around men wanting to whip women especially women they profess to love so much, to me this isn't dominance it's practising sadism, because it really is just inflicting pain in my eyes, but then that's just my opinion of how I see it. So that one scene didn't sit well with me at all.

Secondly, (no spoiler here) I get to the end of book 2 and I see it's going to be FOUR books! WTF!!! Why is this being strung out to FOUR books! Each book is only just over 200 pages long....... it really could have been settled in two book and at a push going for a trilogy, I only just started this thinking I could read all three books now I am gutted to see I've got to spend more to read the forth. Hmmmmm not happy about that. I also wonder is when I get to the end of book 3 it's going to change and suddenly be five books, I don't think so but hey the element of doubt is there.

Having ranted though about the above I can't help but still enjoy this story, the characters are still engaging, the story albeit a little weaker in this second book is still keeping me reading on. It is a tad predictable but for those that love these kind of books there's is certainly enough to feed the addiction and keep us entertained.