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Fall Into You (Loving On The Edge, #3)

Fall Into You (Loving On The Edge, #3) - Roni Loren .
OH MY GOD! I just have to say - I FREAKIN LOVED ♥ LOVED ♥ LOVED this book!

So for those that read my reviews you'll all know that I don't have a submissive bone in me lol but heck that doesn't stop me reading a few BDSM books and some of them don't sit well with me for various reasons, but some I like, some I love and some I think ARE DA BOMB! And this is one such book that is truly in my eyes DA BOMB!

Yeah ok I know I've started this series out of order but this one caught my attention and I have been glued to it all day, I just could not put it down.

So why do I think this book is an excellent read, well not only were the characters 100% engaging, it was humorous, it was also moving and emotional, I was checking my tears too - and I so wasn't expecting to do that! The story didn't have an ounce of fakeness it really seemed plausible and it ricocheted along at a nice pace with no puffing out filler text, it always kept it's momentum and had absolutely no waffle. In other words; perfect!

Charli and Grant's story was so vividly brought to life, heck it even had me thinking I could get into the submissive act! Yeah unheard off! I would definitely say this is so much more than woman meets man, find out they like being tied up and ordered around, fight for a bit over dominance issues then fall in love, this book really is so much more.

Charlie was a tomboy so she's the last person you'd expect to find being able to be a submissive and you know what I cannot abide the pain side of BDSM, canes and whipping is so not needed in my headspace but by Christ the way it's written in this book I just didn't find it offensive and wrong at all, I could really feel the need in both of them and that they enjoyed the sadism part between them. Even the scene when Grant tests if she could follow instructions and be a submissive, I didn't find that an 'oh my god how could he do that!' - moment yes I squirmed at what he allowed happen to her but the whole way it's written was kinda heartpounding but acceptable, there were a whole pile of scenes like that.

I can't quite put my finger on why I think this is up there with the best of the best BDSM, and actually for me it's simply is the BEST one I've read ever, Roni has a knack with her characters, your sympathetic, your horrified, your routing for them, your so submersed in their world your living and breathing it but I think most of all your connected with them on every level.

Totally excellent and I can't wait to read more by this author and I hope they all live up to this standard.