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The Art of Domination (The Art of D/s, #2)

The Art of Domination - Ella Dominguez Holy Mother of all things dark, depraved, sadistic and dominant! How the heck does Ella do it? She has completely managed to bring to life in a mesmerising way the dark predilections of a dominant that Isa unleashes from it's constraints as she feels the desperate need and vies for Dylan's full Dom attention and to be a better submissive than Erica.

What can I say about this book to sum it up, gosh, a bucket full of darkness, (this really isn't for the faint hearted) this is a lot darker than book 1.

But also to sum it up more, the dialogue is so engaging throughout this series, the way Ella provides all the insightful thought comments just adds to the excellent way all these characters are brought to life. The humour, oh my god again I was sat at the pool edge with this stupid grin plastered on my face at the humour and then horror with some of the darker content. I don't think I have ever read a scene like the one with Alex and Isa that was so intense and 'oh my god' moments and then straight after laughing out loud at Isa's comment about .......fish! Thank god I wasn't eating at the time, it would have been very messy.

Every paragraph in these books has a purpose, there is not one ounce of reminiscing by either thoughts or previous events, everything happens with great dialogue, scene deliverance and great ways of describing of surroundings without the author subjecting us to any mindless totally not needed text. There really isn't any waffle whatsoever. It's punchy, evocative, heart pounding, sad, funny, climatic, suspenseful, explosive - oh I could go on and on.

If you can cope with the dark matter in this book and that isn't just whips, canes, bondage, humiliation, it is very much sadistic but not in a non consensual way. They both love it and breath it and that's what you've got to go with, the fact that these two people need it, want it and are comfortable with all it entails. Yes there are some really heart pounding moments but I stayed focused with the bigger picture and their story and by Christ what a story it is.