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The Hunt for Summer (NSC Industries, #5)

The Hunt for Summer (NSC Industries, #5) - D.H. Sidebottom I can't go all gushy and five starry on this book but I can give it a solid well earned 4 stars. This author does have cool penmanship in most places and she brings her stories to life with a gritty prose and vernacular that would curl your innocent toes, it's punchy, evocative, smouldering and downright steamy in places.

I still find the heroines in D.H's book are the subject of an overload of mysery and it happened again in the book but, (and I am glad there is a but) Red's character is not meek and weighted down by her past or falters when more bad things happen in connection with her and this redeems Red in my eyes in this book and I connected with her better than I did with Ava in the Heart of Stone trilogy. She's not just feisty, she's understanding, loveable, also capable, she's an 'all rounder' and I feel she is definitely 3D.

Lucas oozed the alpha strut and dominant personality and I really enjoyed the interactions between them. Their relationship was a hand grenade with a loose pin and you wondered when the explosion was going to happen.

I liked this book more that I did the Heart of Stone trilogy but I guess that could be because this started and finished in one book and didn't get dragged out. So all in all I am glad I gave this author another chance. I haven't read Angel yet but I guess I can give that a shot too now because this book has certainly changed my view point on D.H. Sidebottom to a better place in my head.