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Surviving Raine

Surviving Raine - Shay Savage
4.5 worthy stars.

A totally captivating high seas steamy romantic adventure that isn't for people with a dislike for swearing, because this book literally spews crass, dirty and downright filthy words because that is Sebastian, he uses the F word like saying the word 'and', it's that often, his profanities know no bounds, but it's him, it's his nature. He also has a penchance for sex, he has so much energy to expel that he uses women to help him sleep at night and oh lets not forget the drink, yep he's also an alcoholic. Yep he's one pretty messed up guy and we love him!

This book is written only in Bastian's POV which I found myself frustrated with sometimes because I really and I mean REALLY wanted to get into Raine's head. When he's an absolute arse I was desperate to know what she was thinking and when what happened on the beach I so wanted to hear her thoughts. It was engaging to be reading the book completely from his POV but to keep me 100% satisfied a few bits from Raine would have been the icing on the cake.

The beginning of this book was great, the middle riveting, I did however find the ending beginning to waiver, not much but just ever so slightly.

This is definitely edgy, extremely raw, Sebastian is one messed up guy and his previous lifestyle would be enough to curl the most die-hardened straight hair. The circumstances surrounding them is almost too far fetched and yet at the same time completely plausible. Raine is sweet, she's quiet and a quick learner, she doesn't need the use of profanities like Bastian does and she can also take what he dishes out. She finds herself trying to bring Sebastian out of himself, some of the things he says and does would keep you running for the hills but she perseveres with him and slowly brings his barriers down. Is he going to survive Raine?

Some of what happens to him before and them during their shipwreck is very graphic and dark, but it only added to the atmosphere that surrounds them, it's the essence of the story and how they both deal with it. A very well written castaway book, that literally carries you on the high seas, churns you up and spits you out at the other end having another literary talented author to add to your favourite list.