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Wicked Games

Wicked Games - Jessica Clare,  Jill Myles Hmmm I had a little bit of deja-vu reading this book. I'm sure I'd read it before or something very similiar and then I see it was first published in 2011 so in all probability I have read this before. That said I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Island with them, I am a fan of reality TV (although I have seen hardly any this year) so I kinda fell into the story really easy.

Slightly predictable, you'll get your sexy man versus intelligent woman, alliances formed, back stabbing frenemies, some spit your coffee out fun moments and some shouting at the kindle saying - nooooo don't listen! That's enjoyment right :0)

So if you like reality TV, steamy scenes, hot bodies, Island living and competitions then you'll enjoy the escapades and wicked games that that happen on the Island with Dean and Abby. A fun, sexy book that is a standalone, so no cliffhangers to get yourself worked up about, which let's face it, that's a humungous bonus in itself nowadays!